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東亞彩藝自創廠以來即著重於技術和產品研發創新,在原有的複合包裝材料、再向上整合為產品必須用料,成為客戶的原材料供應商,共同開發新產品,如已開發完成的3D景深材料、刮刮卡複合材料、仿真複合式材料和不織布 蜂巢式窗簾用料、等···。






Introduction of D.Y. PACK


D.Y. PACK was established in 1998 as a specialized producer and contractor of packaging materials. We have been providing unique packaging solutions to a variety of markets, including medical, food, electronics, biotic science, release material, hot-roller printing, and more. We develop, design and manufacture flexible composites and packaging materials as well.


Over the years, we have accumulated excellent manufacturing technology for various packaging materials. We will continue to strive to the research and develop the manufacture of flexible composites to satisfy the growing demands of our clients..


Packing plays an essential role when it comes to commercializing and marketing a product, which certainly adds value to the products and profit to a company. However, it constantly has been neglected by product manufacturers. Therefore, D.Y. PACK has been continuing to strive for the development and manufacture of innovative packing materials to help industries promote and enhance additional value to their products. D.Y. PACK means high quality packaging; and high quality packaging means unlimited marketing.  


Since the establishment of D.Y. PACK, we have continued to pursue technical, and product innovations. We up-integrate our company to, material- must, and become a supplier of raw materials, which is based on flexible composites. We develop and do research on new products such as 3D Lenticular Printing Materials, composite scratchcard(which is light preventing, and opaque),simulate composites(which makes paper or other materials look like marble, and provide a variety of visual effects ),  and non-woven curtain material, etc. We have already accomplished the aforementioned.


We are determined and proud to be the best and sincere partner in our field and will always devote our best effort for contribution to these industries.