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Laminated Film

Good Transparence,Comperitive Price.

Confection , Biscuit , cookies , Roast Beef , Dried Curd , Melon Bean Seeds.

Laminated Aluminuminum Foil

Good Barriers of Oxygen;Moisture Resistance.

Medicine,Medicine,Tea,Powdered Food BY Boiling Water,Shampoo,Pesticide,Gourd Tea.

Laminated Cellophane Film

Good Properties of Tear-off & Transparence.

SeasoningSauce,TabletsPills ,Medicated Plaster.

Top Lidding Film

Good Transparence,and Good Barrier of Water Resistance.

Frozen Bean Curd , Jelly , Microwave Foods.

Easy Peel Film / Foil for Trays

Easy Peel

Ice Supplies , Jelly , Pudding , Fish Dumpling.

PS Top Lidding Film

Good Moistuer Barrier,Free of stickiness.

Top lids covers for Solidified Bean Milk,Rice,Noodle,Dumpling Boxes.

Mylar Aluminum Foil

Good Moisture-proof.

Soft PC Board,Wire Cable.

P.T.P Aluminum Foil

Good Barriers of Moisture & Oxygen Resistance .

Tablets Pills,Essence of Garlic.

Laminated Pearly Film

Good Looking , and Nice Feeling in Use.

Confection,Ice Candy,Icerceam Bar,Biscuit.

High Light Shiels Lamination Film

Good Looking,Good Barriers of Light Shield,Oxugen,and Moisture Resistance.

Chocolate,Biscuit,Sheasoning Sauce,Chemical Solution,Tyres.

Vacuum Meatalized Top Lidding Film

Good Looking,Easy Peel,and Good Boiling Sterile.

Cocomut,Pudding,Fruit Jelly,Juice,Yoghurt.

Vacuum Pack Nylon Bag

Good for Frozen,Refrigeration,and Vacuum-packed.

Meat,frozen Dumpling,Noodles,Sea Food.

Vacuum Pack High Temperature Sterile Retort Pouches

Good Sterile in the High Temperature,and Long Keeping under the Room Temperature.

Sweetened Soy Bean ,Meat Stuffing Breads,Flavoured Food.

High Barriers of Oxygen Moisture Resistant Bag

Good Sterile in the High Temperature,and Long Keeping.

Camphor Ball,Deoxidizer,Drying Agent.

ESD Shielding Film



PC Board,IC Parts,Powder.

ESD Moisture Barrier Aluminum Foil

Anti-Static,Good Moisture Barrire.

PC Board,IC Parts,Powder.

Conductivity ESD Moisture Barrier Aluminum Foil

Good Moisture Barrire,Good Barrier of EMI.

IC Tube,Semi-Conductor,and Wafers.

Big Volume Transparency Nylon bag

High Heat Seal Strength,Good for Heavy Product.

Visionally Designed for BID(Bag in Box) Style such as Juice , Soda Drink , Distilled Water , Mineral Water.

Big Volume Vacuum Pack Nylon Bag

Jumbo Volume , Good for Vacuum Pack Use.

Bed Quilts , Pillow , lnflationary product packing storage.

Machinery Vacuum Pack Laminated Aluminum Foil

Good Moisture Barrier , Good Seal Strength Elongation.

Packing materials for Machineries.